Maple-processWe have been in business for over thirty five years, focusing on Historic restoration and new construction. Our firm is comprised of master house builders who generally work directly with homeowners and architects.

We understand clients concerns and address them. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible, and to try to make the construction process enjoyable.

The Architectural phase usually takes from 1 to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the project. It is very important that enough time is given to this part of the process. The design team and the client need to feel completely confident that all aspects of the plan have been fully thought out.

When the plans are complete, the construction process begins.

The entire Company operations move to your project. Mr. Matt Thenen is on site constantly managing and supervising your job.

The layout, framing, and all exterior detailing and finish are done in-house with our artisans. All interior detailing, millwork and carpentry are done by the same crew. This approach assures a true commitment to the project by all people involved, from beginning to end.

The subcontractors used are all experts in their trades, and hand-picked by us. The subcontractors must live up to the same standards as we do:  the finest in New England…period.

We are flexible during the construction process. Until a design becomes reality, the client cannot fully visualize it, so we understand—and are comfortable—that there may be some changes that will improve the final product.

Our commitment does not end after the project is complete. M.A Thenen & Co. will always be available to make adjustments and repairs; we have a vested interest in your project, and want it to remain in top condition.

We are here to accommodate you, the client, to the best of our ability. You will live in this home, and we want you to be happy—with everything!

Please read our reviews; many people can’t believe that our clients are actually friends after the process!


Matt Thenen
M.A. Thenen & Co.

“Good design is history”