Maple-aboutThe founder, Matthew A. Thenen is a master carpenter and Historic home design expert. We design and create residential projects, including period-correct homes, restorations, renovations, and appropriate additions.

M.A. Thenen & Co. employs a team of artisans and builds the project with our own staff. As experts in all Historical periods, our work reflects this knowledge and passion, but we are always open to new challenges and styles.

We will gladly work with your architect, or we can provide architectural and design services as required, giving you a complete package. It is our belief that architecture and construction should work in harmony. That a team approach produces the best results.

Our goal is to provide the client with a project that serves all their practical needs, in a package that is visually inspiring and timeless.

Unlike most builders, M.A. Thenen & Co. concentrates on one project at a time, giving all of our effort to your project. This gives us ultimate quality control and efficient construction schedules. It also means that we are always there for you, and your project.

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“Good design is history”